The journey through ancient and modern Asian traditional medicine by Don Steffensen

My name is Don Steffensen, better known as Don Martin here in Vietnam. Steffensen is a little hard to pronounce. I came here around 3 years ago. Basically I was not in that good of health. After teaching English for some time, I was introduced to the TRISO group and Ancan.

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Mr Don Steffensen (77 years old)

I began taking Ancan primarily because my parents died of cancer. My father died at age 56 and my mother died at age 72, both with cancer.  So, cancer was a concern that I had, really a big concern. So when I learned a little about curcumin and that it was an anti-cancer ingredient, I was very interested in it. The more I studied about it the better I liked about it. I then started taking Ancan. Ancan does wonders to you.

First of all the biggest thing about Ancan, is that it has given me confidence, confidence that I will not get cancer. After a checkup about 2 months ago in the states, I had a perfect score other than I needed to lose a little weight. My doctor even mentioned to me that he wished he had my cholesterol count. So after being on Ancan, my health has greatly improved.  I am amazed at the energy I have received.

Fortunately too, it had a side effect on me, a very good side effect. I had a lot of these fatty tumors; I believe the medical term is called lipoma. I probably had hundreds of them in my body from my arms, my legs, my stomach, and I noticed after taking Ancan for at least 3 months that these fatty tumors started to shrink which was amazing to me. I could actually feel that some of these large fatty tumors shrunk down to hardly anything. It was amazing to me what effect it had.

Right now I have some friends of mine, one friend of mine has stage 4 cancer and he is taking Ancan right now. He was given six months to live and fortunately he has lasted six months and I am very happy and pleased about it. I hope that his outcome will be very successful. Certainly I am going to talk about that if that happens.

I use Ancan two in the morning, two at noon and two in the afternoon, like two for breakfast, two for lunch and two tablets for dinner, and that is how I use it. I take six per day. It took about two or three months before I noticed some changes and the energy I started feeling, it was not just over night before I noticed anything, it took a few months before I realized that I really felt great.

It is also just the way I feel today. At 77 I am still doing a lot of things that I used to do when I was young. I feel great, I really feel good. I probably can’t sing and dance like I used to, but I am pretty good at age 77.

You can watch this video about Don Steffensen's story here:

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