The journey through and beyond the throat cancer of Mrs. Huyen Phan Thu (Kim Ma, Hanoi)

In 2006, one day while walking for fitness, I suddenly sneezed and I started bleeding from my mouth and nose. I was examined and the doctors discovered I had stage 2 throat cancer and getting close to stage 3. The tumor had begun 8 to 9 months previous to my exam.

At that time, my body faded and it was tired. I was treated with radiotherapy because I wanted to have treatment right from the detection. Since 2006, thanks to a stable disease treatment, my cancer went into remission.

Nữ bệnh nhân ung thư vòm họng được mệnh danh là Hoa hậu Bệnh viện K Hà Nội 1

In 2013, due to the impact of Vietnam’s environment and eating habits..., those who did not have cancer were susceptible in getting cancer, but in my case, my cancer reoccurred.

I knew about Ancan when I was very weak. My sister had a friend who used Ancan before. She had hepatitis B. She and her daughters already used it. She brought Ancan to me and told me to take it.

So I started to use it. By taking Ancan, I was cured. Now I still take Ancan to prevent diseases and maintain good health. Since 2013, thanks to taking Ancan, my  health has improved until now.

In 2013, my son was only 22 years old. By 2014, when he was 23 years old, he said: "I decided to get married, because since the recurrence of your cancer, you started taking Ancan. Now you are healthy like this and I will get married to bring happiness to you mom”. Now, I have grandchildren and I'm so happy.

When I went to the Central Hospital of Oncology for periodic health examinations, many people joked at me that the Queen is visiting the hospital rather than another cancer patient.

A lot of people at the Central Hospital of Oncology asked me what medicine I was taking for treatment. I said that “I take Ancan”. There are a lot of people who asked me to buy Ancan for them, and there were many people who had children with cancer asked me to buy Ancan for them.

I said to them to use Ancan as this is a functional food manufactured in Vietnam. We should trust the professors and scientists, and not to trust the traditional healers. When I talked about Ancan, people also got excited about it. When I went to the Central Hospital of  Oncology, many people often joked at me and said: “You look like the Queen of the hospital”.

When my cancer reoccurred, I felt very tired. When I knew about Ancan and started taking it, I felt better with sound sleep and eating.

Nữ bệnh nhân ung thư vòm họng được mệnh danh là Hoa hậu Bệnh viện K Hà Nội 2

Regarding my oral dosage, I slowly increased it. In the early days, I took 8 or 9 tablets and then increased it. When my cancer became stable, I decreased the dosage.

Since the recurrence of my cancer, I could not eat or sleep. After taking Ancan, I felt heathier and my weight gained and I am able to eat and sleep well.

Many people came to me and asked me what medicine I am taking. Strangers asked my neighbors: “What is the way to Huyen’s house?”. My neighbors joked: “Which Huyen do you want, the Huyen with cancer or the Huyen without cancer?”.

When they said that they want to meet the Huyen with cancer, then my neighbors said that Huyen looks different now, not like the old days anymore. A lot of people asked me about Triso Group to buy Ancan for their relatives with cancer. I remembered a police officer asked me to buy Ancan for his father who also had cancer. After his father started taking Ancan he had very good results.

I often exercise in the morning and I ride my bike about 17 km around West lake. People would see me and joke “Were you really a cancer patient ?”.

When my cancer treatment was finished, I took too much antibiotics which was harmful to my kidneys and heart. Now, my heart is treated and my kidneys do not hurt anymore. From now on I increasingly believe in Ancan because it helps excrete toxins from the body.

Now each time I went to the Central Hospital of Oncology for re-examination, the doctor does not need to prescribe any more medicine, I just take Ancan only.

If I had not known and taken Ancan, I would have died in 2013. Now, when you look at me, do you think that I was a cancer patient?

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