Trieu Son Joint Stock Company (TRISO GROUP) was established in 2008. The TRISO GROUP specializes in aquaculture planning, research, and the production of Vietnam's herbal products to help support the prevention and treatment of cancer - mankind's peril.

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TRISO has planned growing areas of GAP standard-medicinal herbs such as Celastrus hindsii, green tea, turmeric, pennywort, red pine and Ganoderma ... ensuring material quality and stability.

TRISO products are manufactured according to GMP standard and on modern production lines, aimed at creating a Vietnamese brand and an international quality of high-end product lines.

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In addition, TRISO gathers Vietnam’s leading scientists in the field of medicine in order to research and conduct scientific work for community health care


  • After 6 years of foundation, with practical contributions to society, TRISO has obtained remarkable achievements:
  • Golden products for public health 2014
  • Typical Vietnam brand for interests of consumers 2014
  • Brand - International Vision Enterprise 2014 (Guangzhou - China)
  • East Asia Brand in 2014
  • Brand – Trusted for consumers’ interests 2014.
  • International Vision Entrepreneur 2014
  • Cultural Entrepreneur in Ho Chi Minh era 2014
  • Excellent Industrial and Commercial Enterprise 2014 and 2015
  • Golden Enterprise 2015
  • Excellent Industrial and Commercial Enterprise 2015
  • Thang Long Young Entrepreneur 2015

Until now, TRISO branded products are present in almost all provinces and have gradually been welcomed by international markets including: USA, France, India, Japan, Singapore, China ...