According to the latest study by the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the leading fatal disease every year. There are nearly 11 million new cancer cases in the world each year.

After years of research conducted by dedicated leading scientists in the field of traditional medicine in Vietnam, TRISO has given Ancan as a supplemental food to people all over the world as a herb remedy to prevent and support cancer treatment.

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ANCAN is derived from esoteric remedies and extracted from precious herbal medicine in Vietnam. Ancan’s formula has been inherited from one generation to the next in the national tradition of medicine that has been long-standing as well as formulated by 14th and 18th century famous traditional healers such as: Tue Tinh, Buddhist Priest and Hai Thuong Lan Ong (Trac Le Huu).

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ANCAN is a formulated combination of esoteric medicines in Vietnam’s Traditional Medicine. It is made from precious herbs grown in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical areas meeting GAP standard as: Curcumin (turmeric), Lingzhi, Celastrus hindsii, Centella, Pine Bark Extract ... combined with GMP standard and modern production technology.

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Curcumin (500mg)

Curcumin is the essence of turmeric (Curcuma longa) to help prevent oxygenation, inflammation, and supporting cancer treatment.

Curcumins anti-cancer ability has been discovered and proven by over 2200 scientific and medical projects in the world. With high doses, curcumin is used for the skin, colorectal, gastric, breast, pancreas, and leukemia cancer patients by disposing free radicals and reducing inflammation. It also prevents toxicity of anti-cancer drugs, chemo therapy and radiotherapy.

Curcumin helps to stop cancer development at a very early stage and does not allow cancer cells to multiply before discovery of tumors.

A combination of EGCG (in green tea leaves) and curcumin will synergistically help to kill more tumor cells.

Pine Bark Extract (60mg)

This substance is extracted from Pinus Mirum. It helps to slow the proliferation of breast, ovarian, and leukemia cancer cells. Pine Bark extract prevents cancer by its strong antioxidant properties and its ability to inhibit activation of NFKB (transcription factor often is overly activated in cancer cells).

Green tea Extract (100 mg)

In the work published in the Metabolomics journal, Dr. Wai-Nang Lee and colleagues discovered a biological agent in green tea called “epigallocatechin gallate” (EGCG) which may change the metabolism of pancreatic cancer cells by suppressing expression of lactate dehydrogenate (LDGA) which is an enzyme playing an important role in the metabolism of cancer, thereby helping to prevent the invasion of tumors which will limit the growth of cancer.

Celastrus hindsii Extract (200mg)

Celastrus hindsii helps to support the prevention and treatment of cancer, limits tumor growth, removes inflammation and detoxification, reconciles blood and helps you to eat and sleep well and increase resistance.

Maytenfolone - A Celastrus hindsii prevents liver cancer, carcinoma of the nose cavity.

Pennywort Extract (100mg)

Pennywort (Centella asiatica) is effective in preventing cancer. Pennywort prevents the proliferation of fiber sarcoma, liver cancer, lymphoma, melanoma and squamous cell tumors.

Lingzhi Extract (100mg)

Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum), can help enhance the immune system. It is a main anti-cancer mechanism by binding to the surface of white blood cells or serum proteins leading to activation of macrophages, inhibiting the adhesion and migration of cancer cells (to the breast or prostate), inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

The unique structure of lingzhi mushroom has mineral components of all types (119 substances), especially polysarccharides. Polysarcharides in lingzhi mushroom can control growth of abnormal cells (an agent causing pathogens cancer,). It is used in cancer treatment and treatment support after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Selenium (10mcg)

Selenium works effectively in cancer prevention. Selenium combines with vitamin E and β-carotene to reduce deaths from skin cancer, non-melanoma skin cancer and prostate cancer...

According to some studies conducted by the University of Arizona (US), 200 mg of selenium per day can lower the risk of prostate cancer by 63%.

Piperine (Bioperin 5mg)

Piperine is the essence of Pepper (Piper nigrum) that helps to protect Curcumin from being destroyed by digestive juices. It increases the efficiency in absorption of Curcumin in the body by up to 8-20 times.

Vitamins B1, B5, B6 (0.5 mg; 3 mg, 0.5 mg)

These Vitamins are indispensable compounds that promote energy in the metabolism of cells involved in synthesizing steroid collagen hormones and strengthens the central nervous system.


  • Eliminates free oxidizing radicals, supports minimizing risks of cancer and tumors due to oxidizing agents and helps to prevent cancer.
  • Helps to reduce side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and protects healthy cells in patients after cancer treatment.
  • Prevents the growth of cancer cells, recurrence and metastasis after surgery.
  • Helps to strengthen resistance.
  • Helps to detoxify, supports liver and stomach.
  • Helps you to eat and sleep well, improve digestion.


  • Prevention of cancer
  • Patients during and after cancer treatment


  • Prevention: 2-4 capsules per day, twice (morning - afternoon)

  • Patients during and after cancer or tumor treatment: 6 – 9 capsules per day, 2-3 times, or as directed by doctor.

Video: Channel O2 TV (O2TV) broadcasted in Vietnam that Ancan is a healthy protective food.

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NOTE: This product is not medicine and should not be used as a substitute for medicine.

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