Pine Bark Extract is extracted from red pine bark. Red pine (scientific name is Taxus wallichiana) belongs to Thanh Tung (red pine - Taxaceae).

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Red pine is precious medicinal herb, used to treat many diseases, especially its leaves and bark can be prepared into active ingredients used for cancer treatment

Pine Bark Extract includes phenol derivatives such as phenolic acid, catechin, taxifolin, procyanidin (major components). It is a very powerful antioxidant, 50-100 times more than vitamin E. It inactivates and neutralizes free radicals and helps to revitalize and extend  durability of vitamin C and E.

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Pine Bark Extract in support of cancer treatment

It helps to slow the proliferation of breast, leukemia, and ovarian cancer cells. Pine Bark Extract prevents cancer with strong antioxidant properties and its ability to inhibit activation of NFkB (transcription factor often overly activated in cancer cells).

Red Pine has been known since 1979 when S. Horwitz discovered unique effect mechanism of Taxol and the research group of the professor Pierre Potier (France) extracted 10-DAB (Deacetylbaccatin III) from European red pine leaves (this substance is intended to be converted to Taxol only through a few chemical reactions) and Taxotere - a semi-synthetic derivative of Taxol.

Clinical trials in the US, Japan, France have confirmed high effect of Taxol for ovarian cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer. In-vitro experiments also showed that Txiresinol 1 prevents cancer cells in colon and the liver.

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