Celastrus hindsii (scientific name is Celastrus hindsii Benth.et Hook) belongs to Celastraceae. Is a woody climbing plant that grows in clumps.

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It is bitter, acidic, cool and used as drinking tea to improve health. In Vietnam, it is used to heal inflammation, boils, sores, has detoxification and heat effects. It cools the liver, analgesic relief, sedative uses, and especially supports cancer treatment.

It contains rutin, kaemferol 3 - rutinosid, rosmarinic acid, lith-ospermic acid ..., these ingredients are strong antioxidants.

In particular, the composition maytenfolone – Is a resistant to liver tumors, nasal carcinoma – facue cancers.

The latest study by Military Medical Institute 103 has recognized its effect in limiting growth of cancer cells and helping to enhance patient's resistance.

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